Renewal of Multilingual Network

For all the fans of Multilingual Network,
We’ll offer you our new WEB site soon as followings.

URL after renewal
WEB site which you visit now
will appear at

Point of renewal (Your merits)

1) New interface. You can use our web sites with also mobile phones and iPad.
2) Collaboration with related WEB sites. We diffuse more informations as portal.
3) Show quickly the messages and the photos.
4) You can register with gmail without any problem.
5) Upload your photos easily.

Day of Renewal
2014/02/03 morning in Japanese Standard Time.
You may be not able to use our WEB site during several hours.

Your preparation
You need nothing to do.

You can continue to use as TRIAL if you register as TRIAL now.
You can continue to use as SUPPORETR if you register as SUPPORTER now. For example, We offer you 40 days of Supporter registration in new site, if you have 40 days left for Supporters now.
Your message and photo in the site now will be shown also in new site.

Test use
You can test our new sites. And we’ll delete all the informations of new site and will convert all the informations (registrations, status, messages and photos) now to the new sites in 3 Feb.


Thank you for your understanding for our new fee to keep well our sites.

Sincerely yours.