Hello everyone,

Do you want to learn Japanese language at the Japanese schools in Japan?
Do you have effective informations to realize your studies in Japan?

*Japan student visa application requirements
(Also working holiday and internship)
*Japanese Government Scholarship
*Japanese schools with lodgings
*Search for part-time employment during your studies lawfully

You are difficult to find these effective informations in russian.

Therefore we begin to offer you them on internet, and we wish that
a lot of people who wish to learn Japanese in Japan realize their dreams.

And we can recommend you to the Japanese schools cooperative with us for you who cannot find a Japanese school.

We wish to become a mediator between your Japanese school in your region and the Japanese schools in Japan to realize your dream easily surely and without anxiety.

Would you please therefore notice us the informations below on your school in your region where you learn japanese language?

*Name of scool
*Name of a person in charge at your school
*Numbers of students

We are going to send to him/her an email of the proposition about our collaboration.

And we’ll offer you one of our services below which you like, for your cooperatopn if we could contact well with him/her.

*Supporter registration of 180 days
*Free one lesson (60 minutes) of Nihongo Daisuki

Thanks in advance.

And we offer you 90 days of Supporter registration for your translation this message into russian.

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